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Blender machine is designed for making smoothies, cocktails, and iced card passionately, sorbet, milkshakes and yogurt, Sprite and strawberry ice, thickĀ flavour banana milk shake, orange, pineapple and coconut ice honey papaya smoothie, provided fresh assorted fruit smoothies, ice drink smoothie.

Voltage : 220v
Power : 1000w
Speed : 17000r/min
Net Weight : 5.8kg
Capacity : 1000ml
N.W : 5.8kg

Machine body : Imported ABS material.

Sound cover : 5mm thickness solid sound.

Cup lid: Non-toxic and tasteless, Natural rubber lid, adopt sealed edge design, effectively prevent overflow.

Cup : Food grade PVC material. Sturdy and durable 1000ml volume, No BPA.

Shock-proof coaster : Ensure machine stabilization.

Switch button : Turn On/Off button for power saving, prevent of leakage.

Heat dissipation base : Two side function, the middle hole exhaust, speedy heat exchange, ensure machine working stable and safe.

Motor : 100% Copper motor, max speed 17000r/min.

“STOP” Button :
Turn On or Off.
“PULSE” Button : Instant stir.

“CUP” : Tcup left.
“TEMP” : Temperature over high.
“Load” : Load Over.

“1” Button : 5000rpm within 18s.uniform speed
“2” Button : During 0-2s:10000r , 5-8s:5000r, 5-8s:1300r 8-11s:15000r 11-14ss:18000r
“3” Button : During 0-2 s:5000r, 2-4s:9000r, 4-6 s:15000r, 6-14s:18000r
“4” Button : During 0-8 s:5000r, 8-11s:11000r, 11-25s:18000r
“5” Button : During 0-9s:5000r, 9-11s:13000r, 11-14s:15000r , 14-40s:18000r

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