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Syrups to Suit Every Palate

At Monin, we cater to a variety of hospitality professionals, chefs, bartenders and baristas. If your bar has a signature drink, your wedding needs a memorable beverage, or your coffee shop wants to explore new flavors, we have a flavored syrup that will exceed your taste expectations.

And, whether you choose our Apple Pie Syrup, our Gingerbread Syrup, or anything in between, we know you’ll love our highly concentrated, completely authentic flavors. Along with our premium syrups, we offer sugar-free syrups to please your diverse tastes.

Globally Recognized Quality

For over 100 years, Monin has offered custom taste solutions that please hospitality professionals and satisfy customers. With so much industry experience, we know how to bring you the superior flavored syrups you expect from us.

To order your syrup of choice, browse our premium syrups our sugar-free syrups . Then, put our flavors to good use by exploring our delicious recipes , which we update monthly.


Intense Flavors

Want to make authentic piña coladas with something bolder than coconut syrup? Or add some rich texture to your berry smoothie with a rich-tasting raspberry purée? Whatever drink you prepare, Monin Fruit Purées can give it a thicker, richer flavor.

With real fruit pieces in every drop, our purées will give your appletini, soda, or smoothie incredible flavor and texture—all at the right price.

100 Years of Quality

For an entire century, our company has created delicious syrups, liqueurs, concentrates, sauces, and purées that inspire bartenders, baristas, caterers and chefs. We cultivate the best flavors for innovative drinks, and we take extra care to ensure our products’ quality.

* Mango                    * Apple
* Passion fruit         * Blueberry
* Peach                     * Red Grapefruit
* Strawberry           * Yuzu
* Lychee                  * Raspberry












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