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Harney & Sons (20 sachets)
Wrapped Sachets

Our silken tea sachets have proven to be a convenient and consistent way to brew great tea. The teas are full leaf and the flavors are clear, yet elegant. No strainers are needed. Each tea sachet comes individually wrapped, making this collection perfect for traveling!

* Dragon Pearl                      * Chamomile
* Paris                                    * Japanese Sencha
* English Breakfast             * Pomegranate Oolong
* Earl Grey                            * Green with Peppermint

Harney & Sons (50 sachets)

If you drink a lot of tea –or find yourself sharing many cups with friends and love the convenience of tea bags, our boxed foil-wrapped tea bags are the perfect choice for you. Each tea bag is individually packaged in a foil wrapper, 50 per box.

* Earl Grey                                * Paris
* English Breakfast                 * Chamomile
* Japanese Sencha                * Citron Green
* Jasmine                                 * Peppermint Herbs
* Green with Citrus

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