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Conti Monte-Carlo

Our incredible Multi boiler flagship, incorporates years of design and research into one beautifully designed espresso machine.

We started with individual coffee group boilers, we have taken temperature stability to the next level by pre-heating the coffee boiler water feed and also inserting a PID controlled heating cartridge within the group itself to perfectly ‘polish’ our coffee temperature.

With multiple PID controlled heating zones, we have achieved our most stable
machine to date.

Eye level individual group displays, allow the barista to monitor real time temperature and make minor adjustments to temperature, dose and pre-infusion settings to help perfect their espresso.

Volumetric Shot timers are supplemented by volumetric displays, allowing the user to monitor extraction ratios and fine tune consistency.

Unique Pre-Brewing system mimics the iconic & revered Lever machine, utilising mains water pressure to softly infuse the coffee grounds and avoids the initial pre- brew espresso yield from being exhausted as it is on traditional pump systems.

Password protected main display, allows advanced settings and diagnostics to be accessed, perfect to monitor machines performance and maintenance schedule. This coupled with a USB port for software updates helps ‘future proof’ your investment.

Steam wands, Teflon lined portaflters and retractable cup stands offer great usability and ensure the machine stays looking and performing at its best for years to come.

Conti X-One

The X-ONE has been designed for the aspiring barista and high volume operator.

We have built upon the features pioneered within the CC100 model by incorporating advanced electronics, the X-ONE allows the user to monitor coffee quality, machine performance and provides audit trails to help keep any business in touch with their sales.

Not only does the X-ONE feature the incredible temperature stability achieved by PID controls and unique ‘Flow Control’ system allows small adjustments to be made to the group temperature to maintain a very stable temperature.

Eye level digital display provides valuable information such as shot timers, boiler temperature & coffee counters.

Unique machine diagnostics provide the user with important maintenance advice such as cleaning, service and water filter change reminders – all displayed on digital screen.

Dual Function Lever activated steam arms, making texturing milk simple and fast, saving the barista valuable time. These levers also feature a sprung loaded ‘purge’ function to help eliminate milk build up within the steam arm itself.

Illuminate the vast working area to make sure the barista is working clean and the drinks are being poured to perfection.

Fully interchangeable panels, which can be painted or wrapped to feature your preferred colour or add graphics and company logo.

Conti CC102

The CC102 series features exceptional build quality, consistent espresso extraction, compact size and incredible value for money.

Available in numerous colours and configurations from small and compact 1 group through to a 3 group for higher volume location.

Boiler temperature controlled via PID, which not only maintains fantastic thermal stability for consistent espresso taste but also allows temperature to be adjusted easily to perfectly match the coffee profile/ type.

Pre Infusion setting to increase extraction consistency and help iron out user error during the dosing and tamping stage.

Drops the boiler temperature to 60deg c when not in use, reducing power consumption and saving money– with the added bonus of reaching working temperature faster, for service.

Cleaning cycle – ensures machine is kept clean for optimum tasting drinks and increased intervals between servicing.

Option available at no extra cost on all models – making serving a larger take away cup or tall glass simple and efficient.

Our latest configuration features a perfectly compact design with 2grps, 2 steam arms, a 7 litre boiler plus PID – this is a real bench mark machine and a great solution for so many outlets.

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