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Our Coffees are Ethical, Traceable and Sustainable…
from bean-to-cup.

All our coffees are available to you in whole beans, bulk brew, roasted and ground, cafetière or decaf instant coffee sachets.

By providing to customers of varying sizes and industries including cafes, offices and chains we believe there is a way we can meet everyone’s coffee and vending needs. Feel free to contact us today to arrange a tasting.

This Weekenders Coffee is sweet with a medium to full body and lots of chocolate flavor notes. Many coffees will have either a bittersweet cocoa taste or a sweet, milk chocolate taste, as well as notes of nuts and toffee.

90’S , A delicate flavor, sense notes of jasmine flower and tea like. It’s a balance coffee with moderate body, and pleasant acidity.

This The Thrive are for most people who enjoy a smooth morning wake-me-up coffee. Well-balanced blend, with sugar cane and caramel notes. This blend tend to be a little citrusy, with a hints of spice aftertaste.

Goodness Ground , Medium body with varying levels of acidity. Also feature white chocolate notes with hints of nutty and sweet tones.

Cup of Joy , Notes of jasmine flower, bergamot and blueberry in aftertaste. Moderate body with mild and pleasant acidity.

Morning Punch , Bold with a prominent earthiness. They often have a long lasting finish that feels like unsweetened dark cocoa.

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